Responsive Neurostimulation System
Product introduction


Responsive Neurostimulation, RNS Features

1,Small size, fully implanted in the skull, eliminating the risk of wire breakage.

2,Reduced battery drain, minimizing unnecessary stimulation and potential side effects.

3,Long-term intracranial EEG data can enhance patient care and treatment.

Product composition

  • Neurostimulator (smallest in size)

  • Strip lead/Depth lead

  • Patient programmer & management system

  • Electronic Database Management System (EDMS)

  • Remote programmer

In comparison to similar products, Epilcure is a closed-loop system that monitors brain activity, provides early warnings, and responds accordingly. It is the smallest in size and can be fully implanted in the skull, eliminating the need for a chest-worn device and the risk of wire breakage. Additionally, it features a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of over 10 years.

Please note that the products featured on this page are currently in the clinical trial stage and are intended solely for scientific research purposes. The visual representations and functional descriptions are provided for reference purposes.